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"I love these compact little detergent sheets! They check all the boxes for effective cleaning and minimizing my environmental impact. Plus they are Aussie Owned!" - Laura P

Laundry Detergent Sheets (NEW)

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24hr dispatch | 100% carbon neutral 

Australia's most concentrated laundry detergent sheets.  Say goodbye to bulky plastic jugs and hello to a compact, mess-free laundry solution that’s as potent as it is aromatic.

By choosing Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets, you contribute to environmental preservation in multiple ways:

  • You prevent the disposal of three plastic detergent bottles for every box of Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets you use.
  • You reduce carbon emissions by up to 85% because our sheets are highly 
  • Our sheets are crafted from fully biodegradable ingredients, making them eco-friendly from start to finish.
  • We pride ourselves on being free from harsh chemicals and plastics, ensuring a safer and greener washing experience.
  • You save money with every wash when compared to traditional pre-portioned detergents.
  • Astro Goods takes its environmental commitment further by ensuring that our parcel deliveries are 100% Carbon Negative through tree planting initiatives.

    Whats Included:

    You will receive 80 detergent sheets in each box, suitable for either 80 regular loads of laundry or 160 small loads.

    How to Use:

    Using Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets is a breeze:

    1. Simply remove a detergent sheet from the box.
    2. Place the sheet inside your washing machine.
    3. Add your laundry, and you're ready to go! The biodegradable sheet dissolves completely, ensuring effective and beautiful washing results.


    • Rest easy knowing our products are made with biodegradable ingredients and packaging.
    • Our hypoallergenic formula is gentle on your skin and won't cause rashes.
    • We're proud to be paraben-free, phosphate-free, and free of added dyes & chlorine (bleach)
    • Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets are vegan and cruelty-free, with no animal-based ingredients or testing involved.
    • Palm oil-free to promote sustainability.
    • Compatible with septic tanks and safe for greywater systems.
    • Suitable for all washing machines, including front-load and top-load machines, and compatible with all fabric types, including wool. They're also suitable for hand washing.

    Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets offer an eco-friendly, chemical-free alternative that effectively removes everyday stains and dirt, benefiting both your fabrics and your health.

    No More Mess, Always the Right Amount:

    With Astro Goods laundry detergent sheets, there's no measuring or spillage. One sheet equals one load, or use half a sheet for smaller loads. It's a clean and convenient solution.

    Commitment to Sustainability 

    We prioritise sustainability with our packaging:

    • Our packaging is compostable and recyclable.
    • We avoid plastic, aluminium , fluorocarbons, and chlorinated hydrocarbons to reduce our environmental footprint.


    90% of ingredients from natural origins. Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (Coconut oil derived softener & cleaner), Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol Ether (Coconut oil derived cleanser & stain remover), Glycereth Coconut (plant derived Solvent), Poly Vinyl Alcohol (binding agent) ,Cocamidopropyl Betaine (plant derived surfactant), Fragrance, Deionized Water.


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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    At Astro Goods, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products that simplify your daily life.

    We believe in the effectiveness of our detergent sheets and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


    Where do you guys operate?

    We currently operate in Melbourne Australia.

    What are detergent sheets?
    Detergent sheets are laundry cleaning products that come in the form of thin, pre-measured sheets. They are an alternative to traditional liquid or powder laundry detergents.

    How do I use detergent sheets?
    It's simple! Just toss one detergent sheet into your washing machine along with your laundry. The sheet will dissolve during the wash cycle, releasing the detergent to clean your clothes.

    Are detergent sheets safe for all washing machines?
    Yes, detergent sheets are generally safe to use with all types of washing machines, including front-loading and top-loading machines, as well as high-efficiency (HE) machines.

    Do detergent sheets work in cold water?
    Yes, many detergent sheets are designed to work effectively in both cold and hot water.

    Are you detergent sheets hypo allogenic?

    Yes all our formulas are plant based and are safe for sensitive skin

    Where are your sheets made?

    Our detergent sheets are made overseas. We understand that many people prefer things made in Australia, but right now, there's no way to make these sheets here, the machinery would require millions of dollars for a small business like ours that is bootstrapped this is simply impossible without outside funding we are only a team of 4 people. Until then we will work hard to eventually produce these in Australia.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes all order get free AusPost Shipping

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    Great product, terrible service

    3 weeks to get a simple answer via 4 emails, a messenger and instagram message. Doesn't matter anyway as they seem to be going out of business. I can see why. Really great product though.

    Chat Madeira

    Clothes came out clean and soft, only wish it would come out smelling fresh as well.

    Marilyn Boss
    Laundry detergent sheets

    I like these sheets, they are perfumed but its not overpowering and the laundry smells really fresh.

    Colin Chidgey

    Easy to use, what can I say they’re great and doing a good job environment

    Kali Moschos
    Laundry detergent sheets

    I was surprised at how well these washed the clothes. I do prefer a detergent to have a good fresh smell but this doesn’t. Would I buy again, yes